The new premises of the International Criminal Court will consist of six connected building volumes of which the Court Tower stands out with its façade of plants. The plants and the garden motif can also be found on the ground floor of the building – the parterre level – and will contribute to the character of the building.

ICC Permanent Premises - Court Division

By making a sharp incision into the ground, the building complex forms a contrast to the surrounding dune landscape. The architectural idea is to continue the gardens on the ground floor (parterre) level of the building, as well as a cladding of the Court Tower.

“Gardens have always existed as part of all cultures and all religions. The parterre gardens rise up as a green landmark and a symbol of unity, regardless of nationality and culture”, explains Bjarne Hammer, co-founding partner and creative director of schmidt hammer lassen architects.

Main characteristics of the design:

  • Courtroom tower located at the centre of the design
  • Office buildings built on a common basis
  • Public area on the ground floor with gardens and pond
  • Common area for staff on first floor
  • Landscape ingeniously used for security
  • Transparent building
  • A compact building with a small footprint, minimising land use and returning the landscape to the city
  • The sky and horizon become an integrated part of the architectural composition
  • Sustainable building: low energy, ecological corridor, careful landscaping
  • Innovative materials, namely composite materials, will be used on most of the facades, being suitable for the climate and conditions of the dunes and being sustainable
  • The architectural idea is to continue the parterre gardens, making the courtroom tower rise up as a green element.
  • A public plaza at the corner of Van Alkemadelaan and Oude Waalsdorperweg is proposed as a natural way of approaching the building. From the public plaza the main entrance will lead staff and visitors to the main building.
  • The perimeter security concept offers both a high level of security and an unobstructed view to the ICC building. The surrounding landscape is designed to support the security level of the building and in addition it offers beautiful scenery.